Baby Fell Asleep

Baby fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store. I actually managed to keep her asleep while carrying her from the car to the house in her car seat. Do I…

A.  Wake her up to change her poopy diaper that I’m pretty sure happened at the beginning of the shopping trip?

B.  Leave her sleeping and unload the groceries before they melt (because I’m not even positive the diaper is poopy, it might have just been farts)?

C.  Say, “Screw ALL of that!” and take a shower because it’s been almost 3 days and I think it would make me a better person and mother if I had good hygiene right now, and because it would feel sooooo good?

These are the thoughts that go through a girl’s head when she’s been in the trenches all week.

I mean, it’s Wednesday.

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