Me Time

During my “Me Time” I really do enjoy just being alone.  Here are some of the things I do:

  • Listen to music a little bit louder than normal because I don’t need to worry about waking anybody up.  Sometimes it is nice to just rock out.
  • Sit in a perfectly quiet house and read a book for pleasure.  Maybe I get lost in the story and read for hours.  Sometimes I might even doze off to sleep, wake up, reread the last bit because I must have drifted off somewhere around there.
  • Shave my legs.  Both of them.  All the way.
  • Take extra time on my makeup so it looks just perfect.  If it isn’t exactly right I can wipe it off and do it over.
  • Make a pretty meal. It’s colorful, inviting and healthy.  Presented so nicely on special dishes.
  • Take some time to do my hair.  Brush it until all the tangles are out.  Blow-dry and straighten it.  Make it really pretty.  Just for me.
  • Do some artwork.  I do love drawing and painting.  Something about getting paint all over and not having to worry about the mess “because I’m expressing myself” is really satisfying.
  • Spend hours shopping alone.  I can take my time to try out a million different items and outfits.  Spoiling myself.
  • Plant something in the garden.  Decide what I want to grow, research and put a plan into action.  Take extra time to make sure the soil is right, the spot is perfect for the amount of sunlight I need and water appropriately.

Just kidding!!!  I never do any of these things!  Ever.  What in the flying fart is “Me Time?”

If I’m not directly working to feed/entertain/placate my child I am:

  • Shoving food in my mouth over the trash can.
  • Taking a 3 minute shower to hopefully wash up the main offenders.
  • Cleaning some of the dishes so the next time we use them we might not become sick.
  • Laundry.  So much laundry.  Does she have to poop every day?
  • Where did all these spiders come from?
  • Trying to see the future and prevent the next choking/near death episode.
  • It’s fine.  I’m fine.

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