Cats and Babies

I’ve recently acquired two cats. I’m not upset about this at all, but I’m taking a minute to adjust to what it means to have a baby and cats. I can’t help but see some similarities. Let me list a few for discussion.

  1. Cats and babies prefer trash to toys. Old lids, toilet paper rolls and empty water bottles do NOT go in the trash can.
  2. Both are afraid of the vacuum. Darn.
  3. I have more pictures of them my phone than anything else.  Also, people don’t really want to see them as much as I want to show them.
  4. They like to pull cords and dangling things knocking everything down in a huge crash making me think everybody is dead.
  5. I’m constantly dealing with their bodily functions. At any given moment I am very likely to have at least somebody’s vomit, urine or feces on me. Probably a nice cocktail of it all.
  6. Neither is really picky of whether they are eating cat food or baby’s food.
  7. If I can’t find them, they’re probably in the toilet.

I can’t be the only one noticing these things! Reader! Please let me know the similarities of your [insert pet type] and child in the comments.


Just for fun, something I’ve pondered recently is this, “If I call my cats my ‘fur babies’ is it weird to call my human my ‘skin baby’?”


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